The Culprit in Afghanistan is Occupation

The ongoing Quran burning controversy in Afghanistan is wrongly described as “inadvertent.”  That was not an inadvertent incident.  At the same time, the purpose behind that incident was not to insult Islam, but, like all things related to the military, the issue of security got the upper hand.  The US soldiers suspected the Afghan prisoners of passing some sort of secret messages to each other through the copies of the Quran that they were using for their daily recitation in the prison library.  Those copies were confiscated by the US military authorities.  What do you do with any material that is regarded as a breach of security?  You destroy it.  So, please don’t insult the intelligence of average Afghans (or anyone else) by telling them it was an inadvertent incident.

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The Brewing Iran Conflict Explained

The issues involving Iran’s nuclear research program, in my estimation, boil down to the following:

1.  Iran wishes to establish some sort of existential deterrence by acquiring nuclear weapons against a future US regime, which can become as ambitious as Bush Junior’s regime became in dismantling Saddam’s rule from Iraq.  Iran is truly afraid of America’s long-time resolve to bring about regime change.  Just look at what the Reagan administration tried to do during the Iran-Iraq war, or what the US congress has been attempting to do through a slew of Iran-Libya Sanctions Acts during the 1990s and this decade.  That legislation is known as the Iran Sanction Act in its current form.

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