The Unintended Deleterious Consequences of Populism

The growing chatter about America’s impending desire to remain a world hegemon has its roots in the growing confusion inside the country about its foreign policy–more precisely, about its foreign policy toward the Arab world and, to a lesser extent, toward the world of Islam. Continue reading “The Unintended Deleterious Consequences of Populism”

Reprieve Report on Drone Attacks in Pakistan

Drones “terrorising” men, women and children in Pakistan, US academics find

A report published today [Monday] by Stanford University and New York University warns that the CIA’s drone campaign “terrorizes men, women and children” in North-West Pakistan “twenty-four hours a day.”

The campaign is “damaging and counterproductive,” and neither policy-makers nor the public can “continue to ignore evidence of the civilian harm” it causes, warn the academics of Stanford Law School and New York University’s School of Law.

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The “Banana Republic” of the United States?: Not Quite

Is the United States is in the process of becoming a banana republic?  It is an absurd question, but that was how Binyamin Netanyahu was treating it last Sunday.  During an interview on CNN, which clearly appeared as an attempt of the Israeli Prime Minister to interfere in the presidential election of the United States, he demanded that the Obama administration establish a clear “red line,” which Iran cannot cross with its nuclear program.

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Bin Laden’s Cherished Dream: Turbulence Between the US and the World of Islam

Before we allow a sense of despair to color our judgment about the future of the Arab Awakening, let me say that it is very much alive and kicking.  In the past few days and weeks, it not only has been trying to kick out Bishara Assad, but it seems to be turning against the United States.  One has to wonder whether the movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” which insults the Prophet of Islam could generate so much hatred toward the United States or whether there are other hidden agendas.  I tend to be inclined to view both factors as resulting in the so-called Muslim “rage.”

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Saudis Fear Resurgence of Terror; Royal Family Primary Target

Written by Richard S. Willis Published Wednesday, September 05, 2012,

Fear that cells active in 2003, 2004 will re-assert violence

The memories of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia between 2003 and 2006 have hardly faded and already the kingdom is preparing itself for the threat of a new round of violence.

Saudi security forces last week raided cells in Jeddah and Riyadh, uncovering evidence that a new branch of Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQPA) is poised to launch a series of attacks. The Ministry of Interior took into custody six Yemenis and two Saudis following the raids.

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