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The Hard Fall of A Superhero

by Ehsan Ahrari on November 11, 2012, No Comments

The resignation of General David H. Petraeus after the FBI's stunning disclosure of an illicit affair with his one-time biographer, Paula Broadwell, makes one wonder why this legendary character became so determined to destroy his own ostensibly indestructible myth.  The answer is hidden in the making of a legend, which, more often than not, is based more on fiction than reality.  Petraeus was known as a brilliant general, a strategic thinker, and a resilient warrior. He emerged as the hero of America's arguable victory in Iraq, when such possibility appeared remote.  He coauthored the counterinsurgency doctrine to win the Iraq war and was expected to apply that doctrine in Afghanistan in order to destroy the fighting spirit of the Taliban.  His detractors underscored his alleged opportunism, and his political savviness about promoting his career. Undoubtedly, both sides described him accurately.  He did not go to the extreme of his predecessor and one of his heroes, Douglas McArt