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China and United States: Pushing Diplomacy, Preparing for the Next Military Contingency

by Ehsan Ahrari on January 11, 2011, No Comments

The essence of Great Power military competition involving two potential adversaries is to prepare for a military contingency while doing everything to avoid such contingency.  That may sound somewhat illogical, but no one has ever said that balance-of-power-related maneuvers are either straightforward or simplistic.  What it means is that diplomacy will be given a high priority while preparing for a potential military conflict.  That mind-boggling reality is driving the PRC and the U.S. military competition.  They are preparing for war, while their diplomats are working diligently to avoid it. (more…)

The Making of a New Global Strategy

by Ehsan Ahrari on June 8, 2009, No Comments

.!.  The administration of President Barack H. Obama has started the highly intricate process of developing its own strategy with a bang in different regions of the world.  Here are the ingredients of that strategy: multilateralism, looking for a fresh start–which promises to be substantially different from the preceding administration–search for common ground involving Russia, invitation of negotiations with America's traditional adversaries like Iran and North Korea, and at least the initial hope that approaches toward Palestine, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are likely to be radically different than the one the Bush administration pursued unsuccessfully.  This is a huge agenda.  But Obama's administration has the enormous characteristic of freshness, metaphorically as well as substantively, in the sense that it is not carrying any baggage that had so infamously bogged down George W. Bush in an ostensibly endless inertia.   (more…)

Tidbits and Morsels (1)

by Ehsan Ahrari on December 18, 2008, No Comments

These are brief comments on stories that caught my attention.  I will attempt to write this series on my website as frequently as I can.  If you would like to see more of these in the future, please drop me a note on my gmail account: ahrarie@gmail.com OPEC AND GOD OPEC is reducing its production by 2.2 million barrels per day (bbl/d).  That is a desperate attempt of the oil cartel to firm up the declining oil prices, which stand at $41.99/bbl.  Recall that only three or four months ago, the same barrel of oil was going for around $140/bbl.  (more…)

The Ups and Downs of a Strong Security Team

by Ehsan Ahrari on December 7, 2008, No Comments

President-elect Barack Obama's new national security team comprises strong and highly-qualified individuals.  Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, and James Jones as National Security Advisor.  These are good choices, but what are the chances of an impasse on matters of policy stemming from these head-stong persons?  The positive side of such a team is that Obama improves the prospects of success in his awesome task of revamping America's economic institutions and their processes and retaining America's image as an enlightened global power--tasks that are as challenging as those faced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The negative aspects of headstrong persons serving an inexperienced president is that he is likely to face policy impasses stemming from disagreements among his top aides on policy choices.   (more…)

The Dubious Hillary Choice

by Ehsan Ahrari on November 23, 2008, 2 Comments

The reported choice of Hillary Clinton as President Barack Obama's Secretary of State does not make much sense. All presidents come to office with a definite worldview and a vision of America's foreign policy during their term. Assuming that Obama shares these characteristics with his predecessors, his worldview was not quite similar to that which Hillary conveyed during her campaign to defeat Obama for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. (more…)

Iraq: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

by Ehsan Ahrari on May 24, 2008, No Comments

If either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton wins the net presidential election, there is going to be a radical change at least in the current size of American troop presence in Iraq.  But if John McCain were to win, the present U.S. commitment would remain the same or would even increase.  But the bottom line regarding Iraq is that making a clean break from there is well nigh impossible for America.  At least three explanations are being offered for not getting out of Iraq.  The first one is that the terrorist-extremists would takeover Iraq.  The second one is that America's withdrawal means its defeat and soiling of its reputation as hegemon (not used pejoratively here).  And that such an eventuality would permanently damage its presence and interests in that region.  Finally, it is argued that America's withdrawal from Iraq would lead to an immense boosting of Iran's clout and influence in the Middle East.  A closer look at these explanations is in order.   (more…)